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Dual Scale Bulk Case Pack

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Dual Scale Bulk Case Pack

The DPS Dual Scale Bulk Fill Case Packer is perfect for applications requiring fast, accurate filling of loose filled items such as cookies, candy bars, flavor packs, condiments etc.  The machine “bulk” fills at the first loading station for speed and then “trickle” fills at the second loading station for accuracy. The DPS utilizes patented dual CSW Series Weighing Platforms and industry standard PLC controls. Changeover to different case sizes is quick and easy with no “fine tuning” of adjustments required. Because of the bulk weight machine design, packages will never be under weight and giveaways can average less than 1 oz. for smaller pieces.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduction in repetitive stress injuries
  • More accurate fill by weight vs. manual operation
  • Rugged construction for continuous 3-shift operation
  • Compact design saves plant floorspace

Standard Machine Features:

  • Stainless steel frame and legs
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosure
  • Dual patented CSW Series Weighing Platforms
  • Category 3 dual safety circuit electrically interlocked guard doors
  • Allen Bradley PLC Control with Ethernet IP communications standard
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface with pre-programmed recipes, alarm reporting, and production reporting

Optional Features:

  • Wash Down Package includes IP69K hermetically sealed load cells, stainless steel bearings and NEMA 4x stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • Reject Mechanism to reject cases that are not within weight tolerance
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