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Bulk Case Pack by Count

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Bulk Case Pack by Count

The PDI Fill by Count Case Packing System is the perfect solution for applications requiring accurate counting and loading of small packaged items such as cookies, candy bars, snack foods, etc.  The typical application for this system is counting packages under 3.5 oz. into RSC cases.  Typical packages per case are 100-500.  Product can be counted from multiple lanes and loaded into the case as the case is gently moved back and forth to help settle the product evenly in the case.

Key Benefits:                    

  • Reduction in labor and repetitive stress injuries
  • More accurate fill by count or weight vs. manual operation
  • Higher production rates vs. manual operation
  • Industrially designed for continuous 3-shift operation
  • Industry standard PLC control
  • Compact design saves plant floorspace

 Standard Machine Features:

  • Stainless Steel frame & legs
  • Nema 4 Electrical Enclosure
  • Allen Bradley PLC Control
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface with pre-programmed recipes, alarm reporting, & production reporting

Optional Features:

  • Product settling for even distribution in the shipping container
  • Infeed and discharge product and case conveyors
  • Product Inspection Systems
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