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Packaging Systems Integration

PDI offers complete packaging equipment systems taking product after bagging or wrapping equipment up through case sealing. Components can include multiple or single lane product conveyors, bulk fill by weight or count, empty and full case conveying, case weighing, labeling and sealing.  Systems will include complete software, electrical and mechanical documentation.  PDI engineers will work […]

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Single Scale Bulk Case Pack

We advertised our Single Scale Bulk Fill Case Packer in Packaging World‘s October 2020 issue. This machine is an ideal solution for applications requiring fast, accurate filling of loose-filled items such as cookies, candy bars, flavor packs, condiments, etc. The machine “bulk” and “trickle” fills, utilizing a patented CSW Series Weighing Platform and industry-standard PLC […]

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Precise End of Line Checkweighing

The CSW Series “End of Line” Checkweigher accurately weighs cases, trays, cartons and other containers to ensure correct product weight before shipping.  If the measured weight is not within tolerance, the container is automatically rejected off the line.  The CSW Series Checkweigher weighs just the product, not the conveyor. In the August 2020 issue of […]

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Quick, Accurate Bulk Case Packing by Weight

In March 2020, we featured our Dual Scale Fill by Weight Case Packers, which also is available as a Single Scale Fill by Weight Packer in Packaging World magazine. Both the Dual and Single Scale Packers fill a case with loose-filled products such as cookies, candy bars, flavor packs, condiments, etc.  The case is quickly […]

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Case Sealer/Taper Ad in Packaging World

In the December 2019 issue of Packaging World, we promoted our Case Sealer/Taper. The PDI Model CTA Case Sealer (patented) features rugged construction for years of top performance. It uses a driven top belt that is extended upward and outward at the entrance to move with the box and gently fold the major flaps of […]

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What industries can leverage an automatic packaging machine?

Operations professionals put an extraordinary amount of time and thought into workflow. They want to be sure that products come off the line quickly and efficiently. Most important, their goal is to ensure that every item meets or exceeds quality standards, so that satisfied customers become repeat buyers. However, completing the job requires more than […]

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To count or weigh? That is the question.

There are a wide range of decisions that go into designing a process flow, and each has an impact on production efficiency and product quality. However, one of the most critical factors for business success is often overlooked. Choosing whether to pack boxes by weight or by count – and then selecting the most effective […]

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