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Check Weighing, Bulk Packing and Infeed Systems for the Packaging

Bulk Case Pack by Weight


for all your packaging line needs.

The DPS Dual Scale Bulk Fill Case Packer is perfect for applications requiring fast, accurate filling of loose filled items such as cookies, candy bars, chicken nuggets, IQF vegetables, cheese, flavor packs, condiments etc.  The machine"bulk" fills at the first loading station for speed and then "trickle" fills at the second loading station for accuracy.  The DPS bulk filler uses the industry proven CSW series weighing platform (patented) and "off the shelf" PLC control.

End of Line Check Weighing

Revolutionary "End of Line" Check Weigher

The CSW End of Line Full Case CheckWeigher accurately weighs cases, trays, cartons and other containers to ensure correct product weight before shipping. If the measured weight is not within tolerance, it is automatically rejected off the line. As the product is conveyed across the CSW case checkweigher, the patented Lifting Weigh Platform lifts the product off the conveyor belt for weighing. The advantage here is the CSW case checkweigher weighs just the product, not the conveyor.

Bulk Case Pack by Count

PDI fill by count Case Packing Systems

Key Benefits:                                                   

  • Reduction in labor and repetitive stress injuries
  • More accurate fill by count or weight vs. manual operation
  • Higher production rates vs. manual operation
  • Industrially designed for continuous 3-shift operation
  • Industry standard PLC control

  • Compact design saves plant floorspace           

  Standard Machine Features:

  • Stainless Steel frame & legs
  • Nema 4 Electrical Enclosure
  • Allen Bradley PLC Control
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface with pre-programmed recipes, alarm reporting, & production reporting

Optional Features:

  • Product settling for even distribution in the shipping container
  • Infeed and discharge product and case conveyors
  • Product Inspection Systems

Case Sealer/Taper

Your Solution for flat, square boxes every time.

CTA Case Sealer for RSC BOXES (patent pending)


The top belts capture the major flaps (after the minor flaps have been folded) and as the top belts are moving down and towards each other, they gently fold the major flaps.  Since the top belts are travelling at the same speed as the case, there is no friction between the case and the folding nechanism.  Using a folding conveyor instead of a stationary bar eliminates friction between the bar and the case.

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